Young Sheldon Shows Why Mary Really Coddled Sheldon On TBBT

In Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory, it is clear that Mary Cooper favors her socially-inept son Sheldon over his siblings. While it has been assumed that this favoritism stems from Sheldon's academic giftedness, a deeper reason is revealed in Young Sheldon season 6. After years of a rocky marriage, Mary's separation from the church allows her to embrace her true self, leading her to desire another baby. However, George rejects this idea, and Mary channels her energy into catering to Sheldon's needs instead.

Mary's desire for another baby may have been triggered by various factors in her life. Seeing her daughter Mandy pregnant and going through a similar experience as Mary did with Georgie could have influenced her "baby fever." Additionally, insecurity about her age, especially after witnessing Pastor Rob spending time with a younger woman, may have contributed to Mary's longing for another child. This personal arc for Mary adds depth to her character and sets up potential exploration in future episodes.

The relationships between Mary and her older children, Georgie and Missy, are complex. The limited time they spent together on The Big Bang Theory showed a tumultuous dynamic between Mary and Missy, stemming from Mary's unhelpful advice regarding Missy's relationship. There may be underlying tension between Georgie and his mother as well, as he feels underappreciated despite all he has done for the family. These dynamics provide a foundation for further development and storytelling possibilities in the sitcom.

While The Big Bang Theory hinted at Mary's eventual fate, CBS has the opportunity to focus on a new side of the character in Young Sheldon. The show explores Mary's transformation into a more fun and relaxed version of herself, which brings a refreshing perspective. This shift also opens up unique storytelling opportunities for exploring Mary's relationships with Sheldon and the rest of the Cooper family.

Overall, Young Sheldon delves deeper into the reasons behind Mary's favoritism toward Sheldon, revealing her desire for another baby and personal growth outside of the church. The relationships between Mary and her older children add complexity to her character and set the stage for further exploration in future episodes.

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