What Happened to Toby Duncan From Good Luck Charlie: See Him Now

Mia Talerico may have played the titular baby on Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie, but that doesn't mean that she should necessarily get all the glory. After all, Teddy, Gabe, PJ, and the rest of the Duncan family welcomed a new member to their family in the show's third season. And then there were seven Duncans!

In the four years since GLC ended, some of the series' main characters have been heavily campaigning for a Netflix reboot and others — like Logan Moreau, who played baby Toby in Season 4 — have been busy growing! In fact, the little tyke is no longer a baby. Now out of his toddler years, Logan (AKA Toby) is barely recognizable.

Bridgit Mendler and Logan Moreau on the set of Good Luck Charlie.

Want to find out more about Logan, like what he's been up to since the series ended and what he looks like now? Keep reading to find out more information on Logan, Toby Duncan, and how the fifth Duncan child came to be!

When did the family find out Amy Duncan was pregnant?

Fans of Good Luck Charlie actually didn't find out that Mama Duncan was pregnant on an episode of the show. Instead, the baby-on-board announcement was revealed in the TV movie spinoff from the series, Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas. The pregnancy plot line extended into the following season of the series, Season 3.

On what episode was Toby Duncan born?

On June 24, 2012, baby Toby arrived eight days past his due date in an unlikely situation: inside an ice cream truck. It was during the episode "Special Delivery" in Season 3.

Was Toby played by twins?

It's often common for babies on television shows to split the acting work between a set of twins. This happened with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House and with Dashiell and Fox Messit from the spinoff series Fuller House. But that's actually not the case for either Mia Talerico or Logan Moreau.

However, Logan was not the original Toby Duncan. Instead, Toby was portrayed by Jake Cinoa — who has a twin sister named Jolie — throughout Season 3. But in Season 4, Disney made the switch to Logan who played Toby Duncan for the rest of the series.

Who named Toby Duncan?

Disney Channel crowdsourced fans' ideas in order to name baby Duncan. Disney held an online poll in which it invited fans of the series to vote for the new baby's name. Ultimately, fans voted for "Toby," which was the name choice of the on-screen character Gabe (played by Bradley Steven Perry). Toby's middle name is Wan-Kenobi.


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