Rollins' Pregnancy Hints Kelli Giddish Isn’t Totally Leaving Law & Order Behind

News that detective Amanda Rollins will be returning to the franchise pregnant with Carisi's baby hints that Kelli Giddish isn't done with just yet. Kelli Giddish made what fans thought was her final exit from in season 24, episode 9 "And a Trauma in a Pear Tree," where the midseason finale saw her wed ADA Dominic Carisi (Peter Scanavino) and leave the Special Victims Unit for a teaching position at a local university. Her performance as one of Benson's more seasoned detectives was well-beloved by audiences, and her surprise exit was met with backlash from heartbroken fans.

However, in an astounding twist that may turn audiences back on to the decisions of the franchise, Kelli Giddish's Amanda Rollins will be making an even more shocking return to prime-time and streaming television. New details have revealed that Rollins will make an appearance in upcoming season finale and another appearance in 'spenultimate season 3 episode. In what may be deemed by some as the icing on top of the cake, seemingly attempts to redeem Kelli Giddish's shocking exit by reintroducing Rollins pregnant with long term love interest, Dominic Carisi.

Rollins' Pregnancy In Law & Order Could Mean Future Kelli Giddish Appearances

Reports of Amanda Rollins' pregnancy could be good news for fans that wish to see Kelli Giddish reprise the role more than a couple of times in the future of the franchise. Her pregnancy perpetually links her to regular ADA Carisi, and there's hope the future will provide glimpses of her and the family. It's only been a short while since Giddish's departure, but as Rollins will be reappearing in both and her reappearance and pregnancy seem important enough to the universe that it may reprise her role repeatedly.

Character reprisal is not new to the franchise, either. has renewed the roles of previously departed main characters on numerous occasions - Rafael Barber (Raúl Esparza), George Huang (BD Wong), and most recently have all been instances in which the franchise brought back cherished characters. With this in mind, there's a considerable chance that Kelli Giddish's Amanda Rollins could follow suit.

Why Law & Order: SVU Would Benefit From Having Rollins As A Recurring Character

Having Amanda Rollins reenter the universe would indeed profit the franchise, but would benefit especially. In addition to from fans, has to contend with its inadequate decisions amid uncertainty of how long the series intends to continue before coming to a final end. has run for 24 long years, and having a beloved character return could assist in maintaining and/or boosting viewership and support for plenty more seasons.

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