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This Mudslide May Just Be the Best Milkshake Ever


A loving nod to the boozy shakes on some of our favorite American chain restaurant menus, this mudslide is completely over the top. The best part? It's shockingly easy! Simply blend vanilla ice cream with , coffee liqueur, and vodka. But be sure to drizzle some chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass before adding the shake—it looks fantastic from the outside, mimics the original cocktail, and adds some chocolaty goodness to every sip! Serve a round of these shakes as decadent  on a hot summer night or any time you crave a boozy .

What's in a mudslide?

A mudslide cocktail usually calls for coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua), Baileys Irish cream, vodka, and heavy cream.


This milkshake version swaps the cream for vanilla ice cream to make it deliciously frosty.

What's the difference between a mudslide and a bushwacker?

These two cocktails have a lot in common, but they're not same. While a mudslide is made with spirits including vodka, Baileys, and coffee liqueur, a bushwacker contains similar ingredients, but with an important addition: rum! Bushwackers also commonly contain cream of coconut, which, with the rum, gives them a more tropical taste.

What glass is best for serving a milkshake?

A tall, clear glass is perfect for any milkshake, but especially for this mudslide as it lets you see the chocolate drips on the inside.


Try chilling the glasses in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour before serving so the drink stays cold a little longer. 

How much alcohol is in a mudslide?

The ice cream and chocolate might make this delicious drink seem more innocent than it is. Since a serving includes vodka, coffee liqueur, and Baileys, however, it can pack a real punch. For less alcohol, leave out the vodka or use chilled brewed coffee instead of the coffee liqueur.

What kind of alcohol is in Baileys?

The star ingredient in Bailey's is Irish whiskey! If you're out of Baileys, save your self a trip to the liquor store by making your own


. It's simple!

4 c.

vanilla ice cream

1 c.

ice cubes

4 oz.

Bailey's Irish cream, chilled

4 oz.

coffee liqueur, chilled 

2 oz.

vodka, chilled

Chocolate syrup, for drizzling

Sweetened whipped cream (optional)

Step  1 Place 4 glass goblets or tulip glasses (10 to 13 ounces) in the freezer to chill for 15 minutes before serving. Step  2 To a blender, add the ice cream, ice cubes, Baileys, coffee liqueur, and vodka. Blend until very smooth.  Step  3 Drizzle the insides of the chilled glasses with chocolate syrup. Step  4 Divide the milkshake among the prepared glasses and top with whipped cream and more chocolate syrup, if you like.

Caitlin Bensel

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