Kaley Cuoco Reveals She Was Happy With "Her Own Pregnancy” During Shooting, As She Ditches Intimate Scenes Completely

Kaley Cuoco, known for her role in "The Big Bang Theory," is embarking on a new comedy thriller series called "Based On A True Story." In the show, Cuoco plays Ava Bartlett, a struggling realtor married to a washed-up tennis star portrayed by Chris Messina. Filming this series has been a liberating experience for Cuoco, who expressed gratitude that she could embrace her pregnancy without having to work around it. The show's writers incorporated her pregnancy into the story seamlessly.

Cuoco revealed that she was asked to gain weight for her role, which she happily embraced. The idea of being told to eat more was new and freeing for her. She expressed pride in showing her pregnancy on screen and hoped it would inspire other women to feel confident about pursuing their goals while pregnant.

Another recent development involving Cuoco is her decision to no longer film intimate scenes herself. She has opted to use body doubles for such scenes, stating that she is past that stage in her career. Cuoco drew a comparison to her co-star using a body double for tennis scenes, emphasizing that they can now rely on movie magic and let someone else do those scenes. She believes it makes the process easier and more comfortable for her.

Cuoco also expressed gratitude for her stunt double throughout the filming process, not just for intimate scenes but also for physically demanding scenes. As her pregnancy progressed, it became challenging for her to move around the set and perform certain actions. Her stunt double stepped in to assist, particularly during a fight scene near the end of the series.

Overall, Kaley Cuoco is embracing her pregnancy and enjoying her experience filming "Based On A True Story." She welcomes the opportunity to showcase her pregnancy on screen and has made the decision to delegate intimate scenes to body doubles. Additionally, she appreciates the support of her stunt double in performing physically demanding scenes.

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