After Jealous Streak, Family Dog Helps as 'Nanny' to Newborn Twins


A dog's jealous behavior turns into becoming a helpful "nanny" to newborn twins, as described in this article. The proud dog owners, David and Kate Reeves, were initially worried about how their dog, Dixie, would react to the arrival of their twins, Daisy and Dexter. However, instead of being hostile towards the infants, Dixie has surprised everyone with her nurturing and protective instincts.

Dixie's initial jealousy was evident when she would try to claim attention by nudging and pawing at the parents. However, once she got used to the twins and realized they were part of the family, her behavior completely changed. Now, Dixie acts as a little nanny, constantly monitoring the babies and sensing when they need attention or comforting. She has even learned how to fetch diapers and pacifiers when asked.


The Reeves family believes that Dixie's protective behavior stems from her maternal instincts. They describe how she is very gentle and careful around the babies, always ensuring their safety. Even during the nighttime, Dixie stays close to the twins' crib, making sure they are well protected.

The Reeves family considers Dixie to be an integral part of their growing family and has emphasized the importance of dogs in children's lives. They believe that the bond between Dixie and the twins will continue to strengthen over time, resulting in a lifetime of friendship and companionship.

In conclusion, this heartwarming story highlights how a dog's jealousy can transform into an unexpected role as a nurturing "nanny" to newborn twins. Dixie's protective instincts and her ability to sense the twins' needs have amazed and delighted the Reeves family, who consider her an invaluable addition to their family unit.


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