NCIS promo teases fatalities as entire squad involved in shoot-out

long-running procedural drama will make a huge return to screens with another thrilling episode. This time viewers could be forced to say goodbye to the team of agents as they find themselves in the line of fire during episode 17.

Although NCIS is drawing closer to its season 20 finale, the drama has continued to intensify.

The promo for the episode, titled Stranger in a Strange Land, revealed the agents will find themselves in a lot of trouble.

The team were called to a crime scene after which Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) noted: "That’s a lot of blood."

As Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) examined the corpse, he revealed: “The murder weapon was a tearing knife.”


However, their opposition didn’t back down, instead, they upheld their position and kept their guns pointed towards the NCIS agents.

The team are tasked with investigating crimes of drug trafficking, smuggling, homicide or terrorism concerning or involving members of the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy or their families.

With national militia involved, the brave agents will have to work tirelessly to ensure they make it out alive.

CBS also released a synopsis which provided further insight into episode 17.


It read: “NCIS works to solve the murder of a Marine private who appears to have been killed for helping an Afghan refugee.

“Also, Jimmy navigates the pressure of parenting his teenage daughter, who is eager to go out on an unchaperoned group date.”

This case could be tied to Senator Constance Miller (Brigid Brannagh) who seemed to have close connections to Russian operatives or sleeper cell agents.

As the case unfolds it's likely the agents will find themselves in more dangerous situations where they could be hunted.

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