Big Bang Theory: Why Howard & Bernadette Broke Up In Season 3

In the popular TV show "The Big Bang Theory," Howard and Bernadette are the first couple to get married. However, their relationship hits a major obstacle when they break up in Season 3. Howard, known for his bizarre fashion sense, short stature, and living with his mother, has always struggled with finding a partner due to his inappropriate comments and objectifying behavior towards women. But everything changes when Penny sets him up on a date with Bernadette.

Howard and Bernadette discover that they both have overbearing mothers, and after three dates, they become exclusive. They seem to be in a stable relationship, even going on double dates with Penny and Leonard. However, in "The Plimpton Stimulation," Howard reveals to Raj that he and Bernadette broke up weeks earlier, surprising everyone who had no idea about the split.

The show doesn't delve into the breakup until Season 4's "The Hot Troll Deviation." Howard realizes he wants Bernadette back after fantasizing about her. He seeks advice from Leonard, who confronts him about what happened. Reluctantly, Howard confesses that he engaged in cybersex with a troll named Glacinda while playing "World of Warcraft." Bernadette caught him in the act, which led to their breakup.

Desperate to win Bernadette back, Howard turns to Penny for help. She agrees but only if he comes clean about why he is too embarrassed to face Bernadette. Howard admits his virtual infidelity and pleads for another chance. Surprisingly, it is revealed that Howard and Bernadette never had sex throughout their entire relationship because Howard never made a move.

Bernadette decides to give Howard another chance, and from that point on, Howard remains faithful and committed to her for the rest of the series. Their relationship grows stronger as they navigate the challenges of their unique personalities and the meddling of their overbearing mothers.

Overall, the breakup between Howard and Bernadette in Season 3 was caused by Howard's cybersex escapade in "World of Warcraft." However, they reconcile when Howard admits his mistake and promises to change his behavior. Their relationship continues to evolve throughout the show, solidifying them as one of the beloved couples on "The Big Bang Theory."

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