Dana White’s Insulting Act Made Public in Joe Rogan’s Presence by Francis Ngannou – “That’s When I Started to Respond”


It’s been over nine months since left the UFC. However, he did not depart from the promotion in a harmonious way as he developed bad blood with CEO . ‘The Predator’ recently opened up about the course of events that followed after his departure in a recent episode of the ‘JRE MMA Show’.

After Ngannou left the UFC, Dana White publicly ripped the Cameroonian-French fighter after stripping ‘The Predator’ of his heavyweight title. Moreover, he completely shut down any possibility of Ngannou coming back to his promotion.


That prompted Ngannou’s response. The 37-year-old opened up to about how their public beef took shape.

The former UFC heavyweight champion told Joe Rogan that he did not say or do anything after the contract negotiation failed. Francis Ngannou was aware of all the things that Dana White was talking about through social media. He said, 

Furthermore, Dana White made some comments regarding Ngannou’s age and cited that as the reason why it did not matter if he was not in the UFC. However, the Cameroonian-French begged to differ. He stated that despite his age, the UFC CEO still wanted him to fight under his promotion’s banner.


said the former UFC star. On the other hand, Ngannou was hoping for a straightforward response from Dana White regarding his exit.

Francis Ngannou told Joe Rogan that he was expecting a bit more professionalism from Dana White. Instead of bashing him, he wanted the UFC CEO to accept the fact that both parties and wish him well in his future endeavors. However, that did not happen.

Francis Ngannou added. Regardless of all the drama, the former UFC star secured a great deal with the PFL after a few months of his UFC exit.


Least Likely

Most Likely

It remains to be seen if Dana White will ever respond to these comments from Francis Ngannou in the future. Nevertheless, he is in a better place with the PFL, acting as their chairman for the extension of Africa. Moreover, he has a fight coming up against WBC champion , that White did not expect would happen.

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