Peach Bellinis Are the Most Refreshing Brunch Cocktail


When juicy, ripe peaches start showing up at farmers' markets, there's not a better time to grab some and blend up a batch of peach Bellinis! The perfect balance of sweet, tart, and bubbly, a peach Bellini is a great drink to enjoy on the porch, by the pool, or to blend up for guests for a . It's also a refreshing way to get your peach fix when those summer cravings hit.  like and are hard to resist, but a peach Bellini is so much easier to make.

Where was the Bellini invented?

The Bellini was created by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948 at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy. The story goes like this: the color of the cocktail reminded Giuseppe of artwork by 15th century Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, so he named the pretty peach sipper after the artist.


What's the difference between a mimosa and a Bellini?

Traditionally, the base of a is orange juice. The base of a Bellini, however, is peach purée. You can't go wrong with either for a delicious brunch beverage. After all, they're both topped with bubbly!

What's in a peach Bellini?

Besides the obvious peaches, this recipe includes prosecco, a few strawberries, and a little peach schnapps for an extra peachy boost. If peaches are super ripe and sweet, feel free to substitute water for the peach schnapps.

Can frozen fruit be used to make a Bellini?

Absolutely! If you have fresh, ripe peaches and strawberries, of course use them.


But you don't have to wait until peach season to enjoy a Bellini because frozen fruit works just as well.

What wine is best for a peach Bellini?

The peach Bellini was created in Venice, Italy, so the classic wine choice is prosecco, a dry sparkling Italian white wine. Any sparkling wine will do, including a sparkling !

Can you make a Bellini with frozen peaches?

Absolutely! This drink was created to work in any season, so if fresh peaches aren't available, frozen peaches work perfectly. They also make the Bellini a little frosty, which is welcome in the summer! Thaw them or not—it's totally up to you!


What can you use in place of the strawberries?

Don't have fresh or frozen strawberries on hand? No problem. Try using raspberries instead! They'll give the cocktail a pretty pink glow—and who doesn't love a serving tray of pretty ? You can also use entirely peaches if you want.

Can you make peach Bellinis ahead of time?

Yes! Blend up the peaches and peach schnapps, then stash it in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for up to two months. Let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator before making the Bellinis.

1 lb.

fresh or frozen sliced peaches, plus more for serving

1/4 c.

fresh or frozen strawberries, plus more for serving


1/2 c.

peach schnapps


bottle prosecco or sparkling white wine

Step  1 Add the peaches, strawberries, and peach schnapps to the pitcher of a blender. Cover tightly with the lid, and blend at high speed until smooth. Step  2 Divide the peach mixture among 6 glasses. Garnish each glass with more peaches or strawberries, if you like. Fill each glass half full with prosecco; stir, and add more prosecco, if you like.

Caitlin Bensel


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