8 Things That Need To Happen Should Young Sheldon End With Season 7

8 Young Sheldon Needs To Tackle George's Cheating Scandal

Ever since it was revealed in The Big Bang Theory, George's cheating scandal has been one of, if not the most-anticipated plot lines in Young Sheldon. There's curiosity as to how a lighthearted comedy can tackle such a sensitive topic. The established timeline mandates that it should have already happened in Young Sheldon season 6, but that didn't happen. This means that it's imperative that it finally tackles George's infidelity in season 7, especially if it's the last for the series. While Young Sheldon is not new to making plot holes, skipping the Cooper patriarch's cheating narrative will significantly change Sheldon and his family's history.

7 Young Sheldon Needs A Seamless Transition To Big Bang Theory

According to The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon moved to Pasadena, California to start his post-graduate studies at Caltech when he was 14 years old. In Young Sheldon season 6, the boy genius was already 13. Considering the timeline, the prequel has more than enough time to stage his transition from Texas to the West Coast, which is likely going to be a tumultuous time in the Cooper household, considering that it will mean big changes for the family. Tackling this narrative will ensure a seamless transition between Sheldon's life in Medford and Pasadena.

6 Young Sheldon Needs To Show Sheldon's College Graduation

In the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, Sheldon traveled to Germany to do his summer abroad program. By the time he comes back to Medford sometime in early season 7, he will start his final year in college at East Texas Tech. This means that at the end of Young Sheldon season 7, the socially-inept genius should be graduating from college. Similar to when he finished high school early, Young Sheldon needs to celebrate this milestone for the character, as it marks the end of his time in Texas and the beginning of his California life. Perhaps, Young Sheldon may even reveal why Sheldon never talked about college in TBBT.

5 Young Sheldon Needs To Give Paige's Story A Proper Ending

Since her introduction in Young Sheldon season 6, Paige has been a consistent figure on the show despite not being a series regular. Instead, she would make an appearance every year, just to update fans on how she was doing. Paige's narrative had significant development in Young Sheldon season 6 as she appears multiple times throughout the year. Unfortunately, her future is much darker now after she has failed to fully reach her potential after the divorce of her parents derailed her arc. Considering how compelling Paige has been, Young Sheldon needs to also provide the narrative with a definitive ending, especially if there are no plans for it afterward.

4 Young Sheldon Needs To Show Mandy and Georgie's Wedding

Starting their romance in Young Sheldon season 5, Mandy and Georgie's relationship was only supposed to be a fling. However, their unexpected pregnancy in the 100th episode changed things drastically for them. After the arrival of Baby Cece, they're finally engaged to be married. Assuming that they will move forward with their nuptials, Mandy and Georgie's wedding needs to be an important part of Young Sheldon season 7 — perhaps even being the finale's main occasion. As the best original plot line that Young Sheldon has come up with, it would be massively disappointing if the pair's narrative doesn't get a satisfying payoff for any reason.

3 Young Sheldon Needs To Feature Penny & Leonard

Young Sheldon has brought in The Big Bang Theory characters, Howard and Amy, for a voice cameo, which was very exciting. However, the prequel has yet to feature arguably two of the most important guest stars that it could possibly have from its parent series — Leonard and Penny. The Hofstadters are two of the most influential people in Sheldon's adult life, arguably even more so than his own wife, simply because of how long they have been with him. Even when they could walk away from him because of his bad behavior, they still stayed — a testament to their commitment to being his friend.

2 Young Sheldon Needs To Show Mary's Return To Church

In Young Sheldon season 5, Mary was forced to leave her church when news of Mandy and Georgie's unexpected pregnancy came to light. Despite her initial sadness over being kicked out from her own congregation, it subsequently became clear that severing her ties with them was good for her and the rest of her family. It made her more agreeable and even led to peace in her marriage.

However, as seen in The Big Bang Theory, Mary was more committed to her faith than ever, even using it as a way to justify her own behavior. Young Sheldon season 7 needs to offer an explanation of how this came to be. After Sheldon, Mary was the next Cooper who was featured the most in The Big Bang Theory, so it's equally important that CBS also seamlessly connects her Texas and California story.

1 Young Sheldon Needs To Give Missy A Proper Story

For years, Young Sheldon has largely ignored Missy despite being the show's best character. In season 6, it finally incorporated real-life criticisms of how the show has been handling the character, but instead of giving her a compelling arc, it suddenly vilifies her by depicting her as rebellious and unreasonable. While the Young Sheldon season 6 finale hinted at her redemption, there's no guarantee that the show will actually tackle it, especially in an expectedly busy year. Before it ends, the show needs to make up for this by finally giving Missy the focus that she deserves.

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