Confusion and heartbreak reign in the latest episode of "DAYS," as Chad bids farewell once more. But what unseen forces are at play, pulling the strings in this emotional departure? Who will be left shattered in Chad's wake?Click the comment section link to uncover the full story.


The Lost Love: Chad's Heartache

Chad was haunted by the memory of his late wife, Abigail. Visiting her grave, he was overwhelmed with the weight of his loss. Stephanie, his new flame, couldn't fill the void left by Abigail, the love of his life. Their past still lingered in Chad's heart, a love that never truly died. Despite his efforts to move forward, Chad's soul remained tied to Abigail, the woman who bore his children and stole his heart.

A Complicated Love Triangle

Stephanie, unable to move on from Chad, found solace in reuniting with Everett, her former flame. However, a shocking revelation about Everett's true identity as Bobby, Jada's ex-husband, left Stephanie shaken.


Seeking guidance from Julie, Stephanie hoped to untangle the mess of her love life. Meanwhile, Marlena offered Everett hypnosis to uncover the truth. Would this reveal help resolve his identity crisis or deepen the complexities of their love triangle?

Sweet Success and Sinister Intentions

With Paulina's recovery and Lani's freedom, Chanel focused on her bakery, Sweet Bits. Despite its tainted past, the bakery thrived in Salem. Considering expansion, Chanel contemplated hiring new staff to meet the demand. When Johnny volunteered his services, Chanel hesitated, wary of potential hidden motives. As the business flourished, Chanel remained cautious, uncertain of Johnny's true intentions, fearing his involvement in important matters.


Romance and Redemption

As Harris recovered in Ava's care, Xander faced accusations for the shooting while Stefan remained elusive. Amidst the chaos, Harris and Ava found solace in each other's embrace, seeking respite in their love. While tensions rose, Xander's guilt remained a looming shadow, and Stefan's absence cast a dark cloud over their fragile peace. As they navigated through uncertainty, their bond grew stronger, offering redemption in the midst of turmoil and treachery.


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