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The Big Bang Theory: Melissa Rauch Reveals The Driving Inspiration Behind Bernadette's Voice

Melissa Rauch made quite the fortune thanks to her run on 'The Big Bang Theory' playing the role of Bernadette. Prior to landing the role, she took on different gigs, but truly nothing like this one. These days, she's enjoying the family life along with taking on new projects in the world of TV.

In the following, we'll discuss her memorable voice on the sitcom. How did she come up with it and did her voice change during the show? Well, we certainly think so.

What Happened To Melissa Rauch's Voice On 'The Big Bang Theory'?

Melissa Rauch had more than a few memorable moments as Bernadette. When asked about some of her favorites, the actress linked a particular moment, specifically the first time we saw her show some attitude. It was a big moment for her character.

“The first time that we saw some of Bernadette's attitude was when she assisted Howard at a children's birthday party where he was a magician,” she told . “She was not happy dealing with the kids there. And that was early on when we got to see a part of this side of Bernadette that we hadn't seen in earlier episodes, where she just was shutting everyone down, really quickly left and right.”

, as it was something she was actually dealing with in real life. Rauch stated that the storyline helped her and in addition, it helped others going through the same problems.

"I thought that Big Bang did such a wonderful job with the Bernadette motherhood storyline. Starting with just her struggle not knowing if she wanted to be a mom, when she was pregnant if she would be a good mom, had those maternal instincts."

"I love that it just opened up the conversation because [sic] as every human being is different every mom is different -- there’s no one size fits all motherhood vibe we all feel."

Rauch did a fantastic job on the sitcom, however, fans noticed a significant change in her voice along the way.

Bernadette's Voice Evolved During The Seasons

Rauch entered the show during season 3. However, along the way, her voice started to change. According to , , "As the episodes continue Bernadette’s voice slowly becomes faster and more high-pitched."

Rauch would also reveal that her mother was a big inspiration when it comes to her popular voice on the show.

The actress would further reveal that a major reason for the change in voice

“Over the years, she's sort of found her big-girl voice,” she said.

“When we originally met her, she didn't really like kids. She didn't know how she would interact with them. And it's been really cool to follow that journey from her not knowing if she even wanted kids to not knowing if she'd be a good mom to the struggle of when she finally did become a mom."

Rauch had quite the run as Bernadette, lasting almost a decade. In addition, the cast would get together and allow the actress the chance to get a boost in salary along with Mayim Bialik.

Although they didn't start off as part of the original cast, it certainly felt that way during the second half of the show.

Melissa Rauch First Used The Voice During Her 'TBBT' Audition

Bernadette using a memorable voice wasn't jut something that came out of nowhere for Melissa Rauch. According to the actress, this was implemented very early into the process of getting on the show. In fact,

"That was something that I came in with on my own. That was something I did in the audition and then ran with it. That's actually my real voice and this is my fake voice," she tells

These days, the '' star is keeping busy at home as a proud mom of two. In addition, she still has some acting credits, with a new project in the pre-production phase, a TV series called '. Here's to hoping we see the 41-year-old back on the small screen sooner rather than later.

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