What to Expect in Remaining 'NCIS: LA' Episodes Before Series Finale

Time is almost up for NCIS: Los Angeles with the two-part series finale set for May 14 and 21. As the show draws to a close loglines reveal that some agents will be thinking about their future, while one will be learning more about his past.There are only two episodes left before the aforementioned finale ("New Beginnings"): "Sensu Lato" airing April 23 and "The Reckoning" on May 7. The photos released don't offer much more to go on than the loglines, but they do show the agents in action.

First, in "Sensu Lato," the team investigates when a Navy reservist is stabbed and his lab full of pesticides and insects is ransacked. Also, Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) offers Sam (LL Cool J) the interim operations manager position — perhaps thinking about life outside of work after recently reconnecting with his son? — and Rountree (Caleb Castille) thinks about his future. Is taking over the job that was once Hetty's (Linda Hunt) Sam's next step?Then in "The Reckoning," four people, including a CIA officer, are shot and killed in broad daylight, and the team suspects the attacks have something to do with DRONA. Plus, Callen (Chris O'Donnell) — who was part of that project as a kid — meets with Pembrook, who offers more insight into his past.

That's all leading into the series finale, which will see: ATF teaming up with NCIS to find one of its own and investigate stolen military-grade weapons; Sam encouraging his father to take part in a drug trial; and Callen and Anna's (Bar Paly) wedding.

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