'NCIS: LA' EP Breaks Down the Team & Mac's Futures After the Season 11 Finale

Frank Military: Yes, it was, but we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to shoot our last episode, so we pulled [this] up because it was so dramatic and did have a little bit of a cliffhanger in the sense that the trial of Argento and his mano a mano morality battle with Sam, we will pick that up next year. It won’t be the first episode.Mac mentioned the potential consequences of the investigation for OSP, and Argento is connected in D.C.. How big of a concern is that?It will be a big concern. There will be pressure coming from that direction, that this gets squashed.The season was unintentionally bookended with Mac appearances, and the stage is certainly set for a future return from her.

Given the circumstances, I can’t say exactly when we would see her, but we would really love to have her on the show as much as possible. She is a terrific character, and the fact that this is now storytelling that goes back about 23 years with that character being a through line is very cool. On top of that, Catherine Bell is an amazing person to work with, and you can see it in our cast. To jump on a set that is not her home set and to pick up the ball and run with it and do an amazing performance is really fun to watch and it’s great to have her be part of this team.

After watching Kensi and Deeks’ dance for years, it’s been really nice to see them happy, married, and stable, but now there’s the matter of having kids and their jobs. How might that test them next year?It’s going to be a test. It’s a very interesting story. Most people say, “let’s have a baby,” and they think you flip a switch and you have a baby, and it doesn’t work like that for a lot of people. That’s what’s going to be embodied in the Kensi and Deeks dynamic. Then when you layer on top of that the fact that these are both people — or at least Kensi has really wrestled with this dilemma between this larger obligation to be part of the Office of Special Projects and save the world every week and having a personal life, having a baby with Deeks. And now suddenly to face, well, that might not be a guarantee, is an incredibly interesting dilemma for that couple.

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