'NCIS' Cast Reveals Juicy Secrets to Satisfy Your Curiosity

NCIS, also known as Naval Criminal Investigative Service, has become an indispensable part of our viewing lives since its inception. The show, which originated from two episodes of JAG in 2003, has captivated audiences with its intricate mysteries and beloved characters. As the series gears up for its 450th episode, airing on February 27, fans were given the opportunity to submit their burning questions to the actors and creative team.

One interesting tidbit that emerged from the fan Q&A is the producers' ambitious plan to have all the living presidents make cameo appearances on the show. Executive producer Steven D. Binder revealed that he had hoped to involve them in a card game scene, but unfortunately, it did not come to fruition. Nevertheless, the idea of seeing all the presidents on NCIS would have been truly amazing.

A fan also asked why actors Billy Petersen (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Gary Sinise (CSI: NY), and Gary Cole (Special Agent Alden Parker) all seem to excel at playing crime-fighting leaders. Interestingly, all three actors have connections to the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. Cole humorously suggested that their Chicago theater background might have helped them in making scenes work effectively.

Fans also inquired about the favorite aspects of their characters. Katrina Law, who plays Special Agent Jessica Knight, expressed her love for Knight's transformation from a badass work persona to an awkward and quirky individual when she gets nervous. This unique contrast allows for a fun and enjoyable portrayal of a character with multiple dimensions.

The cast members were also asked to recall their best days on set. Rocky Carroll, who portrays NCIS Director Leon Vance, reminisced about the day when Baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench, who played for his hometown Cincinnati Reds, visited the set. Diona Reasonover, who plays Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines, fondly remembered the day she was announced as a full-time cast member, which moved her to tears. Brian Dietzen, who portrays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, recounted the joyous moment when his young son visited the set, marveling at the magical forest set and proclaiming that his daddy's workplace is "magic."

One fan asked if Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, would make another appearance on the show. While executive producer Knight Binder did not provide a definite answer, he hinted that it is likely we will see Gibbs again in due time. He also emphasized leaving Gibbs's storyline open-ended and the image of him being happy on a river until future plot developments warrant a change.

Fans also expressed their desire to see more personal scenes between Jess and Jimmy, played by Katrina Law and Brian Dietzen, respectively. Dietzen confirmed that there will be further exploration of their characters' relationship, noting that their nonsecretive interoffice romance presents fresh storytelling opportunities. The actors enjoy working together and strive to depict a healthy and enjoyable on-screen partnership.

The topic of marriage for Jimmy Palmer also arose. Law humorously replied that Jimmy's wedding day would occur on May 11, 2028, emphasizing the show's penchant for slow-burning storylines. Another interesting question raised was whether McGee, played by Sean Murry, could potentially become the director of NCIS in the future. While Murry expressed enthusiasm for exploring this scenario, he left it open for viewers to speculate and wonder how far his character has come since his rookie days.

Fans also wondered about Kasie's backstory and if there are any specific aspects they would like to see addressed. Diona Reasonover expressed her desire for Kasie to have a dating storyline and experience a palms-sweating crush. This would add a new layer to the character and provide fresh opportunities for storytelling.

The fan Q&A also included questions about incorporating references to Wilmer Valderrama's character Fez from That '70s Show into NCIS. Valderrama confirmed that there are indeed a few Easter eggs referring to Fez in the current season, allowing fans to search for hidden gems and enjoy these nostalgic nods.

Overall, the cast and crew of NCIS are proud and grateful to have reached this remarkable milestone of 450 episodes. Since its introduction, the show has grown alongside its dedicated fanbase, bringing joy and excitement to viewers across the globe. As NCIS continues to evolve and captivate audiences, it remains a testament to the enduring popularity and success of the crime procedural genre.

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