Young Sheldon’s George Actor Talks Playing A Different Character On TBBT

Lance Barber, the actor who portrays George on "Young Sheldon," recently addressed playing a different character on "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT). While some argue that the two shows may not exist in the same reality due to plot inconsistencies, Barber debunked this theory. He acknowledged that his portrayal of George after playing Leonard's high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman, would be noticed by the fans.

Barber stated that it was apparent to him that this casting choice would not go unnoticed by the dedicated fandom of both shows. He dismissed theories about a multidimensional universe and emphasized that he was simply an actor playing different parts. He acknowledged that fans would have questions, but ultimately, it was just a matter of portraying different characters.

In the recent season finale of "Young Sheldon," Barber's TBBT character became a topic of discussion again when renowned magicians Penn and Teller appeared as Sheldon's pimple. Teller had previously appeared as a different character, Amy's father, Larry Fowler, on TBBT. However, since Acne only existed in Sheldon's dream on "Young Sheldon," this did not create a plot hole.

CBS has not addressed this casting inconsistency, and it is unlikely that they will do so. Fans will have to accept the casting choices as they are. While Barber dismissed the idea of different realities for the two shows, it might actually be beneficial for "Young Sheldon" to have its own story and continuity separate from TBBT. The contradicting depictions of George, particularly, present a challenge for the prequel due to TBBT's established continuity.

Overall, Barber's interview sheds light on his awareness of playing different characters within the franchise and his understanding of fan reactions. Despite the plot inconsistencies, he affirms that "Young Sheldon" and TBBT exist in the same reality and asks fans to accept the casting choices made for the sake of the shows.

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