Hot Take: TBBT's Leonard Doesn't Deserve Penny (and He Never Will)

Ever since the show started, some people have been convinced that Leonard is extremely lucky to have a girl like Penny fall in love with him, and others would argue that it's the other way around. Who is right?

Well, the right thing to say would be that Penny and Leonard are lucky to have each other, but we won't.

Our verdict is in – Leonard never deserved Penny in the first place. Let us elaborate!

Sure, Leonard has a Ph.D. in Physics and generally seems like a nice guy (the catch here is that he only seems to be that way).

First, Leonard only liked Penny because she was a hot blonde girl. He didn't know her, he didn't care enough to get to know her, and he just wanted her because she was pretty.

It was actually Penny who started to develop feelings for Leonard because of his personality – she never cared about his looks.

Second, Penny was the one who took an interest in Leonard's hobbies. She knew what his favorite TV shows and comic books were, and she tried to understand what he did for work.

Leonard never bothered. He watched sports with her that one time and refused to hang out with her friends because he didn't like them. Guess what, Leonard, Penny has had to put up with Sheldon all these years!

Third, Leonard implied (on multiple occasions) that Penny wasn't intelligent enough.

Even when she was feeling vulnerable and asked him if he was OK with her not being as smart as him, instead of supporting her and explaining that there were different kinds of intelligence, he basically said, "Yeah, that's fine." Leonard also had the audacity to "help" her with the college essay behind her back!

Last but not least, Leonard never appreciated Penny's independence, and he even cheated on her. Did Penny ever do anything like that? Nope! Case closed.

Penny wasn't perfect either. She was sometimes impulsive and made snarky comments, but at least, she was always sincere about how she felt about Leonard.

Don't even get us started on the fact that Penny didn't want kids, and in the finale, they magically had them…

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