Young Sheldon Proves Missy Is Really The Odd Cooper Sibling, Not Sheldon

Young Sheldon season 5 is highlighting Missy as the odd Cooper sibling, rather than Sheldon. The show has become more of an ensemble series, giving each member of the Cooper family their own arcs and time in the spotlight. Currently, the main focus is on Georgie, who is dealing with unexpected fatherhood and seeking advice from Meemaw's ex-boyfriend, Dale. Meanwhile, Sheldon is spending time with his mentors, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter, at East Texas Tech.

In contrast, Missy is struggling to find her place within the family. While her brothers have found their support systems and pursuits, Missy is left to navigate life independently. She attempts to babysit for the first time but faces resistance from her mother, Mary. This dynamic between Missy and Mary is reminiscent of their bickering relationship in The Big Bang Theory.

Despite being smart, empathetic, and socially adept, Missy seems to fall short of reaching her full potential. In The Big Bang Theory, she ends up working as a hostess while her brothers achieve success in business and academia. It raises questions about whether Missy's struggles are due to a lack of support during her upbringing.

With at least two seasons remaining, Young Sheldon may delve further into Missy's individual stories. As George's death approaches, it is likely to impact Missy differently than Sheldon, potentially leading her down a darker path, as hinted in The Big Bang Theory.

Overall, Young Sheldon is exploring the idea that Missy is the odd one out among the Cooper siblings, despite Sheldon being the titular character. The show's narrative will continue to revolve around Sheldon, but there is potential for Missy to have her own significant storylines and character development in the future.

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