A Critic’s Review of Days of our Lives: Liars, Shooters, and Horton Ornaments


The Week in Review: Jada Hunter Spots Bobby Stein

Jada Hunter finally sees Everett Lynch, also known as Bobby Stein, this week on Days of our Lives. While the reveal took a long time, it was worth it to see Jada's emotional reaction. She is determined to uncover Bobby's true identity and motives for lying about who he is. There is confusion around Bobby's past with Jada, especially his relationships with other women. Jada's character development is intriguing, and viewers are eager to see where her story leads.

Horton Legacy Episode: A Touching Tribute

The Wednesday Horton Legacy episode showcased classic couples reminiscing and provided a glimpse into Tom and Alice Horton's history.


The recreated flashbacks featuring younger versions of the iconic couple were heartwarming, and the true flashbacks brought tears to viewers' eyes. The episode was a touching tribute to the beloved characters and their legacy in Salem.

Best Save Ever: Horton Christmas Ornaments

John and Marlena's discovery of the Horton Christmas ornaments was a relief for fans who feared they would have to make new ornaments next Christmas. The safety of the special ornaments and Tom and Alice's chair was appreciated, despite the destruction of the Horton house. While the house's loss was disappointing, the preservation of the cherished ornaments brought some comfort to viewers.


Paulina's Health Scare: Handling of a Heart Attack

Following her thyroid cancer surgery, Paulina experiences a health scare that is initially unclear to viewers. It is later mentioned that she had a heart attack, raising questions about the reveal's execution. The expression on Harris's face as he lies in the hospital bed adds a touch of humor to the situation.

Redemption Twins: Xander and Ava's Transformation

Xander and Ava's redemption stories are unfolding simultaneously, challenging viewers to forgive their past sins. While both characters are striving to change their ways, some fans are hesitant to fully embrace their transformations.


The actors' performances contribute to viewers' willingness to give their characters a second chance, despite their extensive criminal histories.

Stefan Takes Down Harris: A Compelling Storyline

Stefan's decision to shoot Harris on Clyde's orders adds suspense to the storyline, although some viewers feel Gabi's absence diminishes the threat of danger. The need for visual representation of Gabi's peril is noted, as it would enhance the sense of urgency and raise the stakes in the storyline.

Welcome Back: Holly and Tate Return

The return of Ashley Puzemis and Jamie Martin Mann as Holly and Tate brings new life to Days of our Lives.


Viewers are excited to see the children back on screen and are eager for Holly to wake up from her coma. The scenes featuring Brady, Theresa, and Tate at the juvenile rehab facility showcase the actors' talents and add depth to the storyline.

Overall, Days of our Lives continues to captivate viewers with its engaging storylines and compelling characters. With twists, revelations, and heartfelt moments, the show keeps fans on the edge of their seats, eager to see what happens next in Salem.


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