'The Big Bang Theory Cast' Thinks This Star Was The Most Annoying To Work With


After spending the best part of a dozen years working together, have cultivated a very close-knit relationship between them. Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) and Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah) are still very good friends today, a relationship that also extends professionally - into Bialik's sitcom , which they both produce.

Parsons also previously revealed that the cast's WhatsApp group remained active long after the show had wrapped up filming. But even all this love among the friends/colleagues did not stop them from piling on one of their own in an appearance on a few years back.

The seven actors who played the very main roles on the show were all present, and everyone seemed to have a story about


, about how he seemingly was a nightmare to work with.

Kunal Nayyar Is The 'Most Consistently Incorrect Man'

Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter) was the first one to pick a bone with Nayyar , explaining that the London-born actor was always wrong. "He's the most consistently incorrect man I've ever met," Galecki said, although he also provided context for how he sometimes found this particular quirk to be helpful at times.

"It's not unhelpful if you know this about him... and it's endearing my friend," he told Nayyar. "So if I asked Kunal, 'When is our run-through this afternoon, 2 pm or 3 pm?' If he says 3 pm, I know it's 2 pm.


" He also had another story about how Nayyar attributed a restaurant as Galecki's favorite, only that Galecki had never even heard of it.

"We're all going to dinner one night, we're meeting somewhere and I called Kaley," he continued. "I said, 'Where's this restaurant?' She goes, 'You know where it is!' I said, 'I don't, I've never heard of it before.' She says, 'Kunal told us that was your favorite restaurant!' I said, 'I've never heard of it before!'"

Nayyar did not deny the accuracy of any of these stories, quipping, "The trick is to say anything with conviction."

Nayyar Has 'The Worst Sense Of Timing'

That was only the beginning though, as the actors went on to explain how their colleague apparently had the worst sense of timing.


Bialik was the first on this train, as she told a story of how the cast attended an awards show, only for Nayyar to totally mistime his encouraging words, after they had lost in all categories.

"It was some awards show where like it was Jim lost, I lost, the show lost within like five minutes. Kunal was like, 'But we're all together, we love each other,'" Bialik recalled, even mimicking the raising of an imaginary glass. "And we were all like, 'It's too soon! No one wants to toast right now, or feel good.



According to , Nayyar just couldn't read the room: About 20 minutes later, he reportedly came back after a while to test if the mood had changed: "'How about now guys?' [And we said], 'No, no!'" she recounted. She did explain that at least, she always enjoyed the banter between Nayyar and Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz). "It's like the best rom-com ever... Not that they're in love or anything," she said.

Nayyar's Inability To Park Properly Really Got To Kaley Cuoco

Out of all these idiosyncrasies, the one that really seemed to get to Nayyar's colleagues was his apparent inability to park his car properly. It got so bad that Galecki reportedly asked the studio to paint a target on the wall in front of Nayyar's car to help him.


Kaley Cuoco (Penny) appeared to be the most aggrieved about it, though: "We are all near each other [in the parking lot], and the spaces given to you are not that big," she explained. ", and pull it so far... So his whole backside of it is out, and I have to park next to him. And every time I'd pull in, I'd just be like, 'Kunaaaal!'"

As though to confirm his peers' earlier sentiments about his poor sense of timing, Nayyar jumped in: "Guys. In my defense, I have a car whose doors open like this," he said, illustrating the movement of a bird spreading its wings. The audience burst out into a mixture of laughter and applause, while the cast on stage mostly just rolled their eyes at his vanity.

Even Conan had to intervene, saying, "Kunal, that is not how you get people to love you!"


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