Big Bang Theory: What does Kunal Nayyar really think of Raj Koothrappali?


As much as fans fell in love with all of the characters on 'The Big Bang Theory,' they admit that the show isn't perfect. In fact, some .

Despite their claims that the show's quality dipped at a specific point, there's another over-arching complaint about the series: the way Raj was treated. Stereotypes aside (that's a conversation for another day), fans weren't happy with how Raj's storyline wrapped up.

While stars like for different reasons, some just weren't happy with the storyline. As it turns out, Kunal Nayyar totally agrees with fans' judgments about Raj's ending.


Fans Don't Like That Raj Didn't Find Love

The main complaint that fans have about Raj's treatment has to do with his story arc. Despite some promising relationship beginnings, Raj never found true love. That, say , is the very worst part of the show's ending.

How is it that 'BBT' "did Raj dirty," though? Maybe neatly tying up each character's story wasn't part of the plan? Fans elaborate, though, that everyone else on 'BBT' found someone, started a family, settled down, and left Raj behind.

In essence, fans say, Raj had no closure with Anu, "randomly just sat next to Sarah Michelle Gellar," and the worst part: "Stuart found love and Raj didn't?" It seems like a big "forget you" to Raj, especially given the other characters' final scenes.


One fan sums it up perfectly, saying: "The hopeless romantic Raj, who has been looking for love since the beginning, ends up living in a small apartment with his dog, while all his friends are married, in a relationship, and have kids or are pregnant."

And that fan isn't the only person who gives Raj's ending two thumbs down; Kunal Nayyar seems to agree.

Kunal Nayyar Says 'Big Bang Theory' Let Raj Down

pointed to a video where Kunal Nayyar discusses Raj and how things ended on the show for him as the character. Though in the video interview, Nayyar says that it's "poignant" that the only character whose dream was to find true love 


find it.

At the same time, Nayyar also suggests that although the show ended, Raj's universe didn't really. He speculates that in the 'Big Bang Theory' universe, Raj is still looking for love and that perhaps eventually he'd find what he was looking for.

It makes sense that Kunal might be defending the showrunners, in a way, because clearly, he had no vote in how Raj's story wound down. So while he didn't want to drag them completely, he echoed fans' thoughts that Raj didn't get closure.

He also suggested a way that both the character  viewers could come to grips with the ending -- even if it's imagined.


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