One Thing That Still Sticks With Melissa Rauch About How The Big Bang Theory Handled Bernadette

Though it has ended, the actress has been speaking out about her time on the show, revealing there was one thing about how Bernadette was handled during the CBS sitcom’s run that sticks with her in particular these days.

"I thought that Big Bang did such a wonderful job with the Bernadette motherhood storyline. Starting with just her struggle not knowing if she wanted to be a mom, when she was pregnant if she would be a good mom, had those maternal instincts. And then the push and pull of loving her job and knowing that she was going to go back to it and also the struggle of knowing she had this family at home that her heart was with. And I love that it just opened up the conversation because [sic] as every human being is different every mom is different -- there’s no one size fits all motherhood vibe we all feel."

She connected to the topic personally, even though she wasn’t a mother at the time, and says she is “grateful” the show gave her character the opportunity to go through this process on the small screen. These days, Melissa Rauch , but she says playing Bernadette helped her to work through struggles before she became a mother in her own right. 

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