7 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The "Big Bang Theory" Spinoff "Young Sheldon" You Should Know

1. Lance Barber, who plays Sheldon's dad, also appeared on a Season 5 episode of The Big Bang Theory as Jimmy Speckerman, one of Leonard's high school bullies.

2. Melissa Tang, the actor behind Ms. Fenley, previously appeared on The Big Bang Theory as well, as marine biologist Mandy Chow.

3. Vernee Watson played Nurse Althea on The Big Bang Theory before playing Nurse Robinson on Young Sheldon.

4. Teller (of Penn and Teller) appeared as two separate characters as well: First, as Amy's father in The Big Bang Theory, then later alongside Penn in Young Sheldon, where the pair played a couple of dermatologists.

5.Annie Potts revealed that, being from the South, she didn't have to look too far for inspiration to play Sheldon's meemaw.

6.Meemaw's appearance is inspired by one of Potts's Designing Women costars.

7. Kaley Cuoco voiced the school pool Sheldon had a nightmare about in Season 3.

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