Working on could've been career altering, however, it also came with lots of stress and that held true for the supporting characters on the series. , and was desperate to take on other roles at the time. However, others had a positive experience, this includes .

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at Marin Hinkle's time on the show. Hinkle had a positive experience, but was stressed with her role as Judith given that she couldn't identify with the character. Let's take a closer look at her experience, and how her career soared following the popular sitcom.

Playing the role of Judith Harper, Marin Hinkle had a lengthy stay on


, appearing on the series for 84 episodes. She was onboard the entire way from 2003, up until 2015.

Like so many others on the show, Hinkle was forced to discuss Charlie Sheen's debacle. , stating that the cast was in conversation among themselves at the time, unsure if the show would continue without Charlie Sheen after production was suspended.

She tells , "I've been talking to a lot of the cast, and we all have a desire to gather as a group and express our feelings about what's happened."

"We've been calling each other and we've been trying to come up with a way to get out there how we feel about what's happened with the show.


It's so sad that this may be the end of something amazing all because of a lot of ego-fighting and pain, and obviously the sad condition of Charlie's health."

Eventually, the doubt was put to rest when Charlie Sheen was fired from the show, and replaced with Ashton Kutcher.

The main characters on took on a candid interview at the years ago. The candid interview disclosed lots of new information from behind the scenes, and that was especially true for Marin Hinkle and her take on Judith. The actress revealed that she was brand new to comedy when joining and in addition, she did not relate to her character at all, which made things that much more difficult.


Hinkle would go on to add that she didn't understand a lot of the sexual jokes on the series, and would typically ask Jon Cryer for clarity. Cryer himself would also admit Hinkle had a tough time being mean on the show, and would apologize to him after a scene given how harsh Judith was with Alan.

Cryer and the cast had a big laugh when the secret was revealed. The interview moment can be found below, posted by on

Despite her difficulties, Hinkle enjoyed her time on the show and as they say, playing your complete opposite usually brings out an incredible performance. It turns out that was the case for Hinkle playing the role of Judith for years on the popular sitcom.


Following her time on , Marin Hinkle was cast in major projects. Among the top includes and her biggest role,

, as the show thrived. Speaking with , Hinkle admits it wasn't easy saying goodbye to such a role.

"You know, any show I work on, or any play I get to do, any kind of anything to do with being an artist and actor, has its own unique, great aspects. Thinking about your great question, [with] this one there was a little bit of awe in the room at all moments. Truly."

She continues, "We would have read-throughs in which it would be, like, still afterward, or maybe everybody would be uproariously applauding, but nothing was done in a small and casual, flippant way.


Attention must be paid. Caroline [Aaron] was telling me that Dan had said Palladino had said something about, like, comedy is thought, sometimes, to be not beautiful, or something."

"And instead, they wanted to make sure– in other words, when you shoot it, “Just have the faces and let's show everybody as funny, funny,” but they wanted it to be filmmaking, like a Scorsese film, and that's how we were treating it on set. Like, we're gonna get to be a part of something."

Hinkle and the cast clearly treated to project with the utmost respect, and it turned out to be a major hit and one fans were sad to see end after five seasons.

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