Kelli Giddish Reveals What It’s Like To Kiss Peter Scanavino On Law & Order

"Law & Order: SVU" is known for its episodic format, which limits the development of main characters and their relationships. Captain Olivia Benson has had multiple love interests throughout the series, including Brian Cassidy and Ed Tucker. However, with the return of Detective Elliot Stabler, fans are hopeful for a significant relationship between him and Benson. Meanwhile, Detective Amanda Rollins' love life is heating up with former detective turned assistant district attorney, Dominick Carisi. Despite the awkwardness of sharing intimate moments on-screen, both Kelli Giddish and Peter Scanavino are rooting for their characters' relationship to flourish. Overall, while character development and relationships may take a backseat in "Law & Order: SVU," it's clear that fans still care about the personal lives of their favorite detectives.

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