5 Storylines That Young Sheldon Needs To Cover In S7 (Assuming It’s The Last One )


1. The cheating scandal

Well, this storyline is an elephant in the room, isn’t it?. We're not exaggerating when we say that this is probably one of the stories that fans really wanted the show to avoid altogether.

But since The Big Bang Theory actually established that George did cheat on Mary, the only thing the writers of Young Sheldon can do to avoid leaving fans heartbroken is to make it happen off-screen. After all, there's no way they could ignore that storyline.

2. Sheldon’s college graduation

At the end of season 6, Sheldon was on his way to Germany, which means that he will probably be back at the beginning of the next season to start his last year of college at East Texas Tech. So the end of season 7 will probably have the graduation scene as it will be the final mark of his Texas life and the beginning of his new chapter in California.


3. Paige’s story ending

One of the biggest questions fans of The Big Bang Theory ask after watching Young Sheldon is, "Where's Paige?". Being a huge and important part of the prequel series, she simply disappeared from the story of the original show.

Fans are hoping to get a proper and logical ending to her story, because otherwise it just makes no sense.

4. Mary vs. Church

Mary's relationship with the church became more complicated in season 5 when she was actually kicked out of her church because of Mandy and Georgie's unexpected pregnancy. This made her really sad for a while, but in the end she was able to find peace even outside of the church.


Although that is absolutely not what we saw in The Big Bang Theory. In the original show, she is totally involved in her church, even more than she was before. So it's important that the writers established that change in season 7.

5. Missy’s story

Young Sheldon was often accused of ignoring one of the show's most important characters. It wasn't until season 6 that Missy got a major storyline. Although even the story she did get was actually quite negative.


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