SVU's Ryan Buggle Talks About Noah's Coming Out, Dreams For the Future, and Growing Up on Set.


TV Fanatic recently had the chance to catch up with Ryan Buggle. Read on to get to know the actor playing Noah!

I know you're not on SVU full-time. Do you go to school when you're not on the show?

I'm homeschooled. I do three hours a day, sometimes four. I'm in eighth grade.

What it's like to work with Mariska?

It is so amazing! She has taught me so much about acting and life.


I love her so much. She's really like,  my real mom who's like, not just my mom on stage.
I have sleepovers with her kids all the time.

What do you hope happens for Noah this season?

I'm so excited to see what the writers are coming up with. And I really hope Noah takes a stand and becomes a leader like his mom.

What was it like for you when you got that script about Noah coming out last year as bisexual?


So Mariska contacted me when they came up with the idea. She FaceTimed me, and we chatted, and she made sure that it was comfortable for me because she always wants me to be comfortable.

What have you heard about fan reaction to that story? Have people written to you about it?

When I first shot the scene, I didn't think anything about it. I just thought it was an amazing scene because Olivia doesn't care. She's like, oh, that's amazing to know, and he's just so brave.


And then I've had so many people messaging me all over the world. And I just want to keep making the fans proud.

Besides SVU, do you have other projects that are coming up?

I'm the Charmin toilet paper bear, which is pretty funny. I have a commercial coming up where I'm a scientist, and I test out the toilet paper.

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