Young Sheldon's Mary Cooper Is A Better Parent Than George, Explained

If there is one thing Young Sheldon is really good at, it is portraying a dysfunctional family and the relationships between the very complex characters within it. Of course, some characters may seem more likeable than others at first, but after much deeper analysis, you may change your mind.

Mary Cooper is one of those characters you don't gravitate towards when asked to pick a favorite. Most of the fandom finds her annoying and thinks her husband is a better parent and partner. This is not true.

Mary Cooper is a woman who was born and raised in the middle of nowhere. She has had to navigate her way through adulthood in a very patriarchal society, which has led her to believe that true happiness comes with a family and children. She lives by these standards, which are further enforced by the church.

Her views may seem intense, but they come from a place of love and a need to protect her family from outside struggles.

As if running a home, raising three children, and constantly caring for a grown man who doesn't put as much effort into the household wasn't scary enough, each of her children brings more complications into her life.

Fearing for Missy's life during her birth, Mary had to turn to God. She supported Georgie when he decided to drop out and didn't cut him out next to the pregnant Mandy. All while caring for Sheldon with all of his special needs. Yes, Mary Cooper can be strict, while George Sr. always seems to be the "fun" parent, but she is nowhere near as bad as many think.

Like anyone in her position, she gets tired and bored with life around her. Always caring for someone or something with little to no support is hard, and that's where some of her wildest decisions come into play. From an emotional affair with Pastor Rob to a very short-lived career as a makeup saleswoman, the list goes on.

The sitcom setting may lead you to believe that the most relatable and fun character is actually the best for the family, but in reality, you'd be more likely to choose a partner like Mary if you were truly serious and committed to the relationship.

Who's a better parent: Mary or George Cooper?

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