entered the world of the television series and his character dated a lot of women on the show. Kutcher's entrance to was filled with scandal, but none of it actually had to do with him. The sitcom originally starred as Charlie Harper, alongside actors Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. When Sheen went into drug rehabilitation and made some nasty comments about the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, Sheen was fired from the sitcom.

When Sheen was fired, fans assumed that the show would be canceled. However, in came Ashton Kutcher in the ninth season. The actor had been successful after starring on the show


With Kutcher, continued until its twelfth season. Here's a look at what Kutcher's ex-girlfriends on the show look like today.

Played By: Judy Greer

Bridget Schmidt was the ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher's character Walden Schmidt. They were married for 15 years before she decided she wanted a divorce. In season 9 of Bridget was the main antagonist of the show.

Bridget Schmidt was played by Judy Greer, who is also famous for her roles in the franchise, the Marvel franchise, and the television series


Played By: Marin Hinkle

Judith is actually the ex-wife of Jon Cryer's character Alan Harper. Alan is the other main character of and his divorce from Judith was a big deal at the beginning of the series. Technically Judith and Walden Schmidt never dated, but they did make out once in the episode "Big Girls Don't Throw Food." Judith later asks her husband Herb Melnick to grow a beard like Ashton Kutcher's character.

Judith was portrayed by Marin Hinkle. and would often apologize after shooting scenes.


Played By: Sophie Winkleman

Zoey and Walden were quite serious in Walden even shaved his beard and cut his hair for her. Ashton Kutcher's character proposed to Zoey in the season 10 premiere during a beautiful scene with fireworks and music, but Zoey refused. Walden's attempts to win her back were unsuccessful. The involvement of Rose certainly did not help the situation.

Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce was played by Sophie Winkleman. Some fans may recognize her as playing the older version of Susan in



Played By: Brooke D'Orsay

As a billionaire, it was hard for s Walden Schmidt to find women who liked him for more than just his money. In an attempt to rectify this, he uses the name Sam Wilson to meet fashion designer Kate. After moving in with her and helping her business, Walden finally tells Kate the truth. The result is a breakup, and though they gave their relationship a second chance later on, the timing was just not right.

Fans thoroughly enjoyed the seven episode arc Brooke D'Orsay had on


as Kate.

Played By: Jaime Pressly

Tammy did not start out as a love interest for Walden Schmidt. Actually, Tammy was seeing Jake Harper, despite their age difference. Their relationship failed after Jake had sex with Tammy's daughter Ashley, and that is when Walden came into the picture.

Tammy and Walden never dated, but it is assumed that they had sex together after sharing a kiss. Walden comforted Tammy after her breakup with Jake, and they connected over the common ground of heartbreak.


Tammy was played by Jaime Pressly.

Played By: Hilary Duff

The character Stacey appeared in one episode of season 10 of Stacey was a bit of a dim-witted character and did not pay much attention to Walden during their date. The two did not get far in their relationship, especially once Walden started falling for her grandmother.

The purpose of Stacey's character was ultimately for comedic relief and an excited guest star, as Stacey was played by Hilary Duff. .


Played By: Marilu Henner

Linda was the grandmother of Stacey. Like Hilary Duff, actress Marilu Henner only appeared in the one episode in season 10. After Walden expressed interest in her due to her attractiveness and accomplishments, Linda initially turned him down due to his relationship with her granddaughter.

However, eventually Linda could not stay away. Walden and Linda slept together, and Stacey even gave them her approval.

Played By: Melanie Lynskey


Rose is one of the main antagonists of as she carries on stalking the rest of the characters. She was initially obsessed with Charlie Sheen's character, but her attention turned to Ashton Kutcher's Walden. Rose is at times suspected to have killed Charlie's character and held him hostage.

Rose is also the reason that Walden was unable to get back together with Zoey. After asking her to move in, Walden breaks up with Rose. Rose then has her ferrets attack Walden and lies to Zoey that she is pregnant. Rose was portrayed by Melanie Lynskey throughout the series.

Played By: Deanna Russo


Laurel was a part of the ongoing plot line in season 12 when Walden and Alan get married and pretend to be a real couple. Walden started to have feelings for Laurel and has to explain to her the fake marriage situation. The running joke with Walden and Laurel is that they are constantly interrupted when trying to have sex.

Walden and Laurel break up when his fake marriage is revealed. Laurel was played by Deanna Russo.

Played By: Maggie Lawson


Walden Schmidt's relationship with Ms. McMartin was complicated. She was the social worker in charge of the adoption in season 12, which is why Alan and Walden had pretended to be a couple. She has a brief relationship with Walden, and though she finds out that the marriage is fake, she completes the adoption.

Walden is able to reconnect with McMartin. He attempts to propose to her, but she shoots him down. Though fans were initially shocked that Walden had been once again shot down in a marriage proposal, all ends well. McMartin only said no because it was too soon, and the series ends with them in a relationship. She is played by Maggie Lawson, who also was one of the leads of the series and .