Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date Update Provided By Missy Actor

Young Sheldon season 7 release date gets an update from Missy actor, Raegan Revord. At this point in the year, Young Sheldon, alongside other scripted series tends to return from their summer breaks and premiere their new seasons. However, due to the historic dual strikes of WGA and SAG-AFTRA, the fall 2023 TV season is currently on hiatus, with no concrete timeline on when shows will return.

When asked by a viewer about when Young Sheldon season 7 may be released, Revord has a short and clear answer: "when the strike is over." Read her full post below:

Revord and several of her Young Sheldon co-stars have been actively supporting both the writers and the actors who have been protesting for proper wages and protection from the use of AI. They have previously attended rallies, and they remain committed to supporting the unions' cause.

When Young Sheldon Season 7 May Release

The WGA strike may be nearing its end with a tentative deal reached, but the SAG-AFTRA protest continues. So while the writers could be days away from going back to work, actors will continue to picket for their issues. Unless their issue also gets resolved, then work on Young Sheldon season 7 will remain suspended. Granted that writers can potentially come back to start working on the scripts, filming won't be able to push through.

Per industry insiders, both strikes needed to be resolved by the first week of September to salvage the upcoming TV season and delay it just a few months. This will give its writers, cast, and crew time to prepare episodes for a mid-season premiere in January, which is when shows, including Young Sheldon, usually return with new episodes after the winter break. Once the industry-wide issue is resolved, it will be up to the networks when they want to restart the usual TV calendar.

If CBS decides to give up on the 2023 fall TV season altogether, viewers may be looking at more than a year of wait for Young Sheldon season 7 to return. Admittedly, no one wants to go without new episodes of the show this long, however, it may be for the best. Pushing it all the way back to fall 2024 ensures that it will have a complete number of episodes for what could very well be its final year.

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