Whatever Happened To The Actor That Played Charlie In Good Luck Charlie?!

Ever wondered what happened to "Charlie" from the Disney Channel hit series "Good Luck Charlie"? The charming little sister that the Duncan Family (well, mostly) lovingly guided through the ups and downs of family life, was no baby by the time the sitcom came to a close. Neither was Mia Talerico, the actress who brought Charlie vividly to life over 97 episodes between 2010 and 2014. During the cast's 10 year reunion with Entertainment Tonight, Talerico joined for her first-ever all-cast interview, and her co-stars couldn't help but reminisce about baby Charlie and how much she had grown. "She started off being swaddled and by the time the series was over, we're doing full-on scenes with her," Eric Allan Kramer, who played Charlie's dad, told Entertainment Tonight.

No, Eric Allan Kramer isn't actually Talerico's pops IRL. In real life, Talerico's an only child. But according to what the young actress told Just Jared Jr., she made lasting bonds with the cast of her first acting gig. "The 'Good Luck Charlie' cast really is like family to me and we have lots of great memories together," she reminisced. Talerico, who began starring in the show when she was just 10 months old, hadn't even started kindergarten when "Good Luck Charlie" called it a wrap. Nonetheless, the sitcom, which garnered three Primetime Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Children's Program category (via Television Academy), set the stage for Talerico's ongoing and budding career. In 2018, she scored a starring role as "Paige" in the Brat TV show "Mani," although she'd hardly need to act if she didn't want to. At the time of this writing, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the 13-year-old is now worth around $1.5 million!

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