Young Sheldon Explains Sheldon's First Big Bang Theory Rival

Young Sheldon Explains Why He Hated Big Bang Theory's Dennis Kim So Much

Kim was a physics prodigy from North Korea and a Caltech prospect Sheldon was never good with rivals, but he didn't think of Kim as one until he mentioned that he was the youngest recipient of the prestigious Stevenson Award. While he started post-grad at 15, it was only because he lost a year after having to flee North Korea. The arrival of Kim reminded Sheldon of feeling that he was being left behind as seen in Young Sheldon season 6.

What Happened To Dennis Kim In Big Bang Theory

The character only appeared in one single episode of the nerd-centric sitcom. After seeing his negative impact on Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj devised a plan to distract the North Korean prodigy, so he was no longer a threat to their friend. Ultimately, they succeeded, with Kim getting swayed by a woman. Since then, the character neither appeared nor was referenced ever again in the show. 

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