Analyzing the Revival: Understanding the Inclusion of Original Characters in Dexter: New Blood


The highly anticipated revival of the TV series "Dexter" titled "New Blood" is bringing back an original character from the show. Fans of the series are eagerly waiting to find out which character will be making a comeback and how their return will be explained in the storyline.

The article does not reveal the specific character returning to the show, aiming to maintain the element of surprise for viewers. However, it does offer some insight into the reasons behind the character's comeback. The writer emphasizes that the return is "explained," indicating that there will be a logical and justified explanation for their reappearance.


"New Blood" serves as a continuation of the original series, offering closure and a new chapter for the enigmatic character of Dexter Morgan. The plot follows Dexter as he adopts a new identity and moves to the small town of Iron Lake. However, he soon finds himself tangled in a series of unsettling events that force him to face his dark urges once again.

The return of an original character adds depth and nostalgia to the revival, connecting it to the legacy of the original series. It also holds the potential for surprising plot twists and character dynamics that will keep audiences engaged and guessing.

Overall, "Dexter: New Blood" promises to deliver a captivating storyline with the return of a beloved character, leaving fans excited and intrigued about the future of the show.


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