Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She Hated Her Romantic Scenes With Chris Pratt...


In a recent interview, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence revealed her discomfort with the romantic scenes she filmed with co-star Chris Pratt in the movie "Passengers." Despite their great on-screen chemistry, Lawrence admitted that she found shooting those scenes challenging.

Lawrence explained that her unease was mainly due to her close friendship with Pratt's wife, Anna Faris. The trio had spent a lot of time together before filming began, and Lawrence considered Faris a good friend. Thus, filming intimate scenes with Pratt felt awkward and uncomfortable for her.


Moreover, Lawrence emphasized that she never wanted to disrespect Faris or their friendship. She found it difficult to separate her personal feelings from her professional obligations, stating that she wanted to be professional while being mindful of her friend's emotions.

Though Lawrence acknowledged Pratt's professionalism throughout the filming process, she admitted that shooting the romantic scenes became a huge source of anxiety for her. In order to cope with her discomfort, Lawrence even resorted to having a few drinks before the intimate scenes.

Despite her apprehension, the film was a success at the box office and received positive reviews. Lawrence's vulnerability and honesty regarding her discomfort in filming romantic scenes with Pratt resonated with audiences, highlighting the complexity of navigating personal and professional relationships in the entertainment industry.


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