Kaley Cuoco's Appearance On The Late Show With David Letterman Turned Into A Complete Nightmare

Appearing on the Late Show was a major deal for stars in Hollywood. Anna Kendrick wowed Letterman during her interview with the cup song, but admitted to being extremely nervous just prior. As for Kaley Cuoco and her time alongside David Letterman, she was completely fine during the interview, but her flight to the show turned out to be a complete nightmare and a moment she'll want to forget about.

We'll take a closer look at what Kaley Cuoco experienced on her way to the show. In addition, we're going to put the spotlight on other guests that canceled on David Letterman over the years. One guest really bothered Letterman given that he canceled at the last second, only to appear on another interview only a day later.

Let's take a closer look.

David Letterman Doesn't Take Kindly To Guest Canceling On Him At The Last Minute

Although he was among the most popular late night show hosts at the time, some guests still canceled on David Letterman. Bill Cosby was among those to have a valid excuse, as at the time, Cosby was on the verge of getting canceled as stories started to circulate about his misconduct behind the scenes.

The last thing the comedian needed was an interview alongside Dave. We all know what happens when an actor tries to talk about serious topics on the Late Show. Michael Richards tried to apologize for his racist rant on the show, but it quickly turned into a complete nightmare.

Letterman was especially irked when the late John McCain canceled on the show. Letterman was told the politician was flying back to the White House. However, Dave would later find out that he was snubbed an interview as he appeared alongside Katie Couric the following day.

McCain's team felt as though appearing one the Late Show would be harmful, and that he was a better fit alongside Katie Couric on the Today Show. Letterman wasn't pleased with this outcome and took jabs at the McCain once he did partake in the show months later.

Kaley Cuoco Had An Awful Travel Experience On Her Way To The Late Show With David Letterman

Kaley Cuoco had a nightmare experience, however, this took place on her way to the Late Show. Her interview was completely fine, and it took place during her time off from The Big Bang Theory. Given her words with Letterman at the time, Cuoco revealed she was spending a lot of her time off riding horses. However, her time off turned out to be quite stressful given her flight to New York, taking part in the Late Show.

Cuoco was told that her flight was leaving in one minute, despite the fact that she thought it was delayed two hours. Cuoco ran to the flight in tears, and hyperventilating. The situation would only get worse when she used the word 'bomb' on the flight during a very sensitive time. It was a tough moment for Kaley and things would only get worse when she heard The Big Bang Theory song playing in the background during her meltdown on the flight.

Cuoco gives a full breakdown of the nightmare experience in the video below alongside David Letterman on the Late Show.

That was far from Cuoco's only misfortune. Letterman himself was shocked by how unlucky Cuoco was during certain situations. It seems like Kaley faced some tough circumstances, especially during the prime of her career on The Big Bang Theory.

Kaley Cuoco Faced Lots Of Bad Luck Throughout Her Career, Including A Broken Leg

Being late to a flight was tame in comparison to Cuoco falling off a horse and injuring her leg. Cuoco was lucky in this instance as the initial projection was that she couldn't walk for three months. That would've been disastrous given her schedule on The Big Bang Theory. Luckily, the actress was walking in a boot within two weeks and was back on-set.

Cuoco discussed the scary situation alongside Today. "It was a bad accident, it was a very bad accident. I remember clear as day, because it takes a second when something is that bad," she said.

"I was like, 'Did I just fall on a whole thing of leaves?' Because I heard all the cracking. … It took me like five or 10 seconds to actually realize it wasn't just 400 leaves, it was my bones."

As for what took place on The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady were very wise about the situation. Instead of writing in an injury to Penny, they instead opted to have her behind the bar. This was a winning formula given that fans couldn't see Cuoco's walking boot. Well played by the show and Cuoco who still managed to return to work just two weeks later.

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