Days of Our Lives Star Confirms Exit: ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts! ’


Hathaway we go! Days of Our Lives' newly returned devious DiMera is already on her way out, just as Megan's machinations have fomented delicious discord amongst her warring family members. First Succession ended, and now this?

Miranda Wilson has revealed that she wrapped filming in December and will last be seen on-air July 6. (Yes, Days films that far ahead.) "I'm not on contract," she told viewers on Facebook, adding, "I would certainly consider it if asked."

Please ask her to come back, Days of Our Lives. Please! Wilson's 2022 return to Salem, after her initial run as Stefano's daughter from 1984-85, has been a resuscitative shot in the arm for the DiMera clan that Dr.


Rolf would be proud of. The addition of Peter Porte, fresh off his own Beyond Salem stint, as her son Dimitri just cinches how essential Megan's scheming is right now.

From trying to sow discord between EJ, Kristen, and Stefan to finagling a marriage of convenience for her globetrotting jewel thief son, is there any task Megan DiMera can't put her mind to? Oh, yeah, she can't get Bo Brady to fall in love with her. Ha. Well, you can't win 'em all. But portrayer Wilson has definitely won us over.

"Why not just 'care' about what's happening here and now?" Wilson tweeted after some viewers wondered why they should even bother caring about Megan if she's not going to be around much longer. "Enjoy it while it lasts. Why hold back from enjoying the mayhem just because you know Megan's leaving in July?"

Hear, hear. We just hope that whatever chaos—and how many bodies—she leaves in her wake leaves the door open for her rollicking return.


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