Holland Taylor played a significant role in the popular sitcom , which aired on CBS from 2003 to 2015. She portrayed the character Evelyn Harper, who is described as the titular brothers “Charlie and Alan’s conceited and self-centered bisexual mother, and the grandmother of Jake and Jenny.”

Evelyn, often referred to as “Evelyn the Mother,” was a wealthy real estate agent, who became popular for her constant desire to interfere in her sons’ lives. Taylor’s portrayal of the character was very well-received, so much so that she earned four Primetime Emmy Award nominations for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.


Taylor’s time on was made even more special by her friendship with co-star , both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. On the show, they played family members and was a big part of what made the series so popular. Even when Sheen faced a lot of controversies, both on and off the show, .

Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones were the other main stars of . Cryer featured as Alan Harper, a recently divorced chiropractor who moves in with his wealthy, but morally questionable, brother Charlie. Jones played Alan’s son Jake, the “half” in .

One seemingly bad thing about was a between some of the main stars.


This is perhaps best evidenced by Holland Taylor’s salary on the show.

At the top of the earnings chart was Charlie Sheen, who played the leading role of Charlie Harper. During the height of his tenure on the show, Sheen reportedly . His portrayal of the womanizing jingle writer not only brought him fame but also a substantial fortune, solidifying his status as one of the highest-paid actors in television.

Jon Cryer, who played Charlie’s neurotic brother, Alan Harper, also enjoyed a handsome paycheck.


Although his earnings didn’t quite reach the astronomical heights of Sheen’s, Cryer was reported to be making approximately $600,000 per episode in the later seasons.

Angus T. Jones was also rewarded with a significant income for his portrayal of young Jake Harper. In his later years on the show, he was reportedly taking home around $300,000 per episode. After Sheen’s departure, stepped in as Walden Schmidt. on was substantial, reportedly reaching approximately $700,000 per episode during his time on the show.


Holland Taylor’s compensation for her role on stands in stark contrast to some of her fellow cast members. While portraying Evelyn Harper, Taylor reportedly earned $75,000 per episode, a notably lower figure compared to certain other actors on the show.

, the sharp-witted housekeeper, commanded a higher salary, ranging between $100,000 and $150,000 per episode. Melanie Lynskey, who took on the role of Rose, Alan’s quirky ex-girlfriend, earned more substantial paychecks, ranging from $200,000 to $300,000 per episode.

Marin Hinkle, playing the character of Judith Harper-Melnick, Alan’s ex-wife, was among the top earners on the supporting cast, receiving a significant $500,000 per episode.


Although Holland Taylor’s earnings on were comparatively modest, her overall net worth has been . This financial stability stems from her extensive and accomplished career in the entertainment industry, encompassing roles in film, television, and theater.

has become an increasingly prominent issue, shedding light on disparities in earnings between male and female actors. In the case of Holland Taylor and her role on , it is undeniable that she earned significantly less than the show’s main male stars.


However, it is also essential to consider the role that Taylor portrayed on the show. Her Evelyn Harper was only a recurring character. In contrast, the actors who earned higher salaries took on central roles, deeply woven into the show’s storyline and comedic dynamics. The differences in the significance of their roles could have contributed to the disparity in pay.

In recent years, Taylor’s life has been marked by her high-profile relationship with actress Sarah Paulson. Paulson opened up about their relationship in an in 2016, stating, “What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor.”