Young Sheldon Predicted Leonard’s Big Bang Theory Role, explained


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 11. Dr. Sturgis' advice in season 6, episode 11 predicts Leonard's role. After working separately for a while, Sheldon and his original mentor re-team as the boy genius seeks help getting his grant database project off the ground. They have their work cut out for them, however - especially with East Texas Tech doing everything it can to undermine the endeavor. As Sheldon grapples with President Hagemeyer's dirty tactics, Dr. Sturgis offers him some words of wisdom, which coincidentally describes Leonard's role in .

Since Mary separated from her church and East Texas Tech got into its conflict with Sheldon, the academic organization has become


. Realizing that President Hagemeyer and Dr. Linkletter were attempting to cash on his passion project, the savvy Sheldon Cooper cut them off from the endeavor. Instead of respecting his decision, however, they only become more ruthless in their actions as they antagonize Sheldon in every possible way.

Dr. Sturgis Perfectly Described Leonard & Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory Relationship

In "Ruthless, Toothless, and a Week of Bed Rest," Hagemeyer intimidates Sheldon by making his college experience difficult. This includes threatening him with a roommate - an idea the youngster does not like. Dr. Sturgis pacifies him by saying that roommates can be lifelong friends, so Sheldon doesn't have to be opposed to them. This comment perfectly predicts


as Sheldon's true soulmate. Despite the original sitcom opting to focus on Sheldon's relationship with Amy when they win the Nobel Prize in Physics during the finale, it should not be forgotten how important Leonard is to Sheldon's life, and how it started with being roommates.

As revealed in, Leonard becoming Sheldon's roommate happened because the socially-inept genius' previous cohabiter had enough of his antics. After realizing what he got himself into, Leonard also considered making an escape, but a near-death experience where Sheldon saved him, Raj, and Howard prompted Leonard to stay. Granted, Leonard and Sheldon's relationship in


endures its ups and downs, but there is no denying their love for each other is genuine. It is even arguable that Sheldon's relationship with Leonard is far more important than the one he has with Amy.

How Being Roommates With Leonard Changed Sheldon’s Life

As continues tackling Sheldon's conflict with East Texas Tech, the narrative also highlights just how important Leonard has been in the socially-inept protagonist's adult life. In CBS' prequel, Sheldon is left essentially to his own devices. While Dr. Sturgis offers support, it is barely enough, and the absence of a true partner is made obvious through these tough times in Sheldon's education.

Luckily for Sheldon, he never feels alone with Leonard and the rest of his Pasadena gang friends in . And while Sheldon grows close to each of his adult companions, his bond with Leonard remains the most vital, helping Sheldon's development as a character, and resulting in a much-improved Sheldon at the end of the show. In season 6, it seems Dr. Sturgis knew exactly what Sheldon needed.


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