Young Sheldon Season 7 Can Finally Explain Missy In The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon Season 7 holds the potential to delve into Missy's character and shed light on her story in The Big Bang Theory. In the prequel series, Missy and Sheldon share a close bond, unlike their distant relationship portrayed in the original show. The Season 6 finale of Young Sheldon, titled "A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring," brought Missy closer to her father, George Sr., setting the stage for future developments.

The episode witnessed Missy's rebellious phase reaching its peak as she found herself trapped with her father during a devastating tornado that ravaged their hometown. Although Sheldon was sent to Germany in the aftermath, the experience left a lasting impact on Missy. She made a promise to her father to put an end to her teenage rebellion, implying that she may forge a stronger connection with George Sr. going forward.

However, this could pose a challenge for Missy since The Big Bang Theory canon states that George Sr. dies shortly after the events of this season. While it remains uncertain when this event will occur in the spinoff sitcom, Young Sheldon has previously taken liberties with The Big Bang Theory's canon. Nevertheless, whenever George Sr.'s death does happen, it is likely to be a devastating blow to Missy. The anticipated closeness between Missy and her father sets the stage for a poignant storyline surrounding the loss she will eventually face.

Furthermore, if Missy grows closer to George Sr. while Mary develops a stronger bond with Sheldon during their trip to Germany, it would explain why Mary and Missy are not as connected in adulthood as depicted in The Big Bang Theory. This backstory paints a somber picture of their imperfect relationship but honors the significance of George Sr. in both their lives. Since Young Sheldon's portrayal of Missy showcases her strained relationship with Mary, her deepening bond with George Sr. over the summer fills in the gaps. Unfortunately, this could result in Missy and Mary associating each other with the pain of George Sr.'s death by the time The Big Bang Theory occurs.

In summary, Young Sheldon Season 7 has the potential to offer insights into Missy's character and provide an explanation for her distant relationship with Mary in The Big Bang Theory. The season finale sets the stage for Missy and George Sr. to grow closer, leading to a more devastating impact when George Sr. eventually passes away. This storyline adds depth to Missy's character and sheds light on the dynamics within the Cooper family, contributing to a richer understanding of their relationships in The Big Bang Theory.

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