Young Sheldon Reveals The Real Reason For Georgie’s Big Bang Sacrifice !

The real reason for Georgie's (Montana Jordan) sacrificing his future to care for his family in The Big Bang Theory has been revealed in Young Sheldon. Mary (Zoe Perry) and George's (Lance Barber) eldest kid is going through a tricky time in the CBS comedy as he deals with the fallout of having his girlfriend pregnant. It's uncertain how Georgie's Young Sheldon story will end, but it offers an idea as to why he was adamant about sacrificing himself to take care of his family after George's death. 

CBS diversified its storytelling for Young Sheldon season 5. Instead of fully focusing on Sheldon (Iain Armitage), The Big Bang Theory prequel has shone a light on the rest of the Cooper family. Georgie, in particular, has had a rather busy year, making a couple of big decisions including dropping out of school and starting working full time over at Meemaw's (Annie Potts) laundromat. That was also where he met the much-older Mandy (Emily Osment). They dated for a while, but after learning that Georgie lied about his age, she decided to break things off.  They were forced to set aside their complicated romantic relationship, however, when they found out that Mandy is pregnant. 

Since Georgie learned that he is going to be a father, Young Sheldon season 5 has put his narrative front and center of its storytelling. Aside from himself, Mandy's pregnancy has also started to affect the rest of the Cooper family. Mary and George are fighting more consistently, Missy has been determined to defend her family's honor so she punches a heckler at Sunday School, and Sheldon is struggling to focus on his studies amid all this family drama. Seeing how his actions have impacted his whole family very likely will very likely factor into Georgie standing up and supporting them when George unexpectedly dies. As The Big Bang Theory already described, Georgie took care of Mary and Missy after the Cooper patriarch passed away. Georgie didn't get into the specifics of why, and Sheldon wasn't aware of it, but it could be Georgie's way of making up for everything he put his family through after he got Mandy pregnant. 

Young Sheldon has been confirmed for seasons 6 and 7. That gives it enough time to set up and eventually execute George's affair and death. Beyond that, however, the fate of The Big Bang Theory prequel is up in the air. While Young Sheldon could continue following George's death, the comedy would have to undergo a significant revamp in order to do that. After the Cooper patriarch passes away, Sheldon moves out of Texas for a study abroad grant, which was previously established in the original series. This will effectively break up the family, forcing Young Sheldon to focus more on Sheldon's personal adventures. That said, there's also great interest in seeing how the rest of the family copes after George's death, especially given Georgie's story in The Big Bang Theory. 

Whatever the case may be, Georgie and Mandy's plotline is already confirmed to continue playing out in Young Sheldon season 6. Osment has just been promoted to series regular, which means that she will be more involved in The Big Bang Theory spin-off's future. Unfortunately, for the rest of the Cooper family, things are only going to get worse, especially regarding Mary and George's marriage. 

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