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'NCIS' Renewed or Cancelled? A Star May Have Just Spilled The Beans

NCIS is currently in season 20, but no word has come about its future after this season. But a cast member may have just inadvertently confirmed what will happen to NCIS moving forward. Click through the gallery here for the full story!

Will there be another NCIS season after this one?

We’re in the middle of season 20 now, but NCIS has not yet been renewed officially for season 21, leaving fans to wonder if the series could be cancelled. (We hope not!)

With NCIS: L.A. already cancelled, fans are eagerly awaiting any update on the future of the main NCIS series.
NCIS: Does the cast already know about season 21?

Now, it appears we may have that update – from a cast member. In a new interview, “Dr. Jimmy Palmer” actor Brian Dietzen was discussing his writing on NCIS episodes.

In the talk, Dietzen made some interesting remarks about the future of the show…

Click through the gallery slides above for the full story!

Officially, NCIS has not yet been renewed for season 21, nor has there been any announcement about a cancellation. But in a new interview, star Brian Dietzen appeared to confirm that they are already planning out season 21…
Brian Dietzen

Dietzen, who plays “Dr. Jimmy Palmer,” recently spoke to Looper about an upcoming NCIS episode he wrote. In that interview, he discussed writing another later episode, but said it should be “for next year.” Here is his full comment…


Dietzen said of the next episode he is writing: “It won’t be for this season, though. I’ve been chatting with our showrunner Steve [Binder], talking about what we’re going to get ready for next year. That’s in the works right now, but nothing that’s impending for this season.”


Obviously, we can’t take this as “official” word that NCIS is renewed for season 21. But hey – the team behind the show is already looking ahead to plans for “next year”…


NCIS has been on the air since 2003, and it remains one of TV’s most watched series today. Fans, however, are especially concerned after NCIS: LA was cancelled last month…


This season of NCIS: LA will be its last after 14 years on TV. Currently, the fate of NCIS: Hawaii is also unknown. It’s airing season 2 now.

David McCallum

Meanwhile, we’re about halfway through NCIS season 20. Let’s hope Brian Dietzen’s hint about future plans means the series will continue for another year – and many more to come!

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