NCIS’ Brian Dietzen speaks out on effect of Mark Harmon exit

Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, has discussed how the cast and creators are coping with the departure of Mark Harmon (Leroy Gibbs) from the show. Brian has been on the series since it began in 2003, and he described season 19 as "unlike any other," with two cast members leaving and two new ones joining. He noted that the absence of Gibbs has left a vacuum at the centre of the show, which is now becoming more of an ensemble drama. The most recent season has still managed to pick up the pace despite the absence of some fan-favorite characters, including Gibbs, and newcomer Agent Parker has proven to be a complex hero for the series. While the power dynamic has shifted, established agents like Tim McGee and Torres, as well as newcomers like Knight, could be given more independence without Gibbs to report to.

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