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“Everyone Was Freaking Out”: Big Bang Theory Famed Kaley Cuoco Once “Could Have Lost Her Leg” Due to Her Love for Equestrian Sport

The 2007 hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory levers a massive fanbase making it one of the most viewed shows in the industry. However, after one of its leading actors, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, once met with a gruesome accident, the show’s continuation was threatened. This incident was narrated in Jessica Radloff’s, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series.  Cuoco and her co-actors got candid about her horse riding mishap that almost had her leg amputated. 

Director, Chuck Lorre, and Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard in the show accompanied the actress while narrating the grim details of the equestrian accident. 

The darkest moment of TBBT

The 36-year-old actress actively competes in horse riding events. According to In September, 2010, she was riding at a Los Angeles ranch when she toppled over her horse and fell. Unfortunately, the horse was unable to gallop over her and battered her left leg. “That was the darkest, most frightening time in all twelve years Lorre recounted. 

Adding to it, Galecki remarked, The actress was hurried to the hospital and was treated by an acquaintance of Lorre, Dr. Stephen Lombardo, a media professional from a prominent sports medicine clinic. Apparently, the doctors were unsure of the degree of injuries and made Cuoco sign an acknowledgment form for her leg amputation if needed. She stated, “ Before I went into surgery, they made me sign something…that said, ‘OK, you can.”

Fortunately, it didn’t go that way and her recovery was swifter than expected. the star added. Furthermore, Galecki revealed that he too was terrified, and ended up tearing up in his garage on the first day.

After two weeks, Cuoco was supported by a medical boot and was back walking on her own. Consequently, she was erased from a few episodes of the series. However, the director is utterly grateful to doctor Stephen and claims to thank him every time they see each other. “ On a lesser level, you saved The Big Bang Theory!,” he confessed. 

Even though equestrian athletes hold a prestigious image in the sports community, the perils of the field have the potential to alter one’s entire life. Likewise, 2 years ago, US Olympian athlete, Annie Goodwin . The entire community mourned the loss.

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