Young Sheldon Season 7 Update Moves Show Closer To Determining Its Final Season

The latest development regarding Young Sheldon season 7 means that it nears the verdict about its future. By now, Sheldon and the rest of his family should have already returned for new episodes. However, due to the historic dual strikes of the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA, Young Sheldon season 7 is indefinitely delayed. There is no word yet when it may premiere, but the project received a significant update after months in limbo.

Per Young Sheldon writer Connor Kilpatrick on Instagram, she and her co-workers have returned to work on the much-anticipated next season of The Big Bang Theory prequel. Check out the image below:

Kilpatrick's image shows her back at the Warner Bros. lot to restart work on Young Sheldon season 7. This backs up the news from Deadline that work on many writers' rooms has already resumed in light of the end of the Writers Guild of America strike of 2023.

Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Be Its Last?

Ending Young Sheldon is complicated when considering the show's success. In season 6, it posted series-high ratings, meaning it is at the peak of its popularity. Given this, CBS is understandably keen on keeping it on the air for as long as possible. Young Sheldon season 7 is the last of the project's three-year renewal in 2021. If the network wants to continue beyond that, there will be negotiations with everyone involved, including the actors.

The motivation to end Young Sheldon with season 7 stems from the franchise's timeline. As a prequel, the spin-off has a pre-determined end per The Big Bang Theory canon. Once Sheldon returns from his Germany trip as seen in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, he will start his final year in college at East Texas Tech. After that, he will move out of Medford and into Pasadena to begin his post-graduate studies at Caltech. Between this and the nearing death of George, it seems like the perfect time to wrap up the show.

However, there are a couple of ways to continue the show without the character, including revamping it to become a true ensemble and retitling it as The Coopers. This new series will focus on the remaining characters in Medford, with Missy and Georgie spearheading the cast. Since Young Sheldon's storytelling has diversified in recent years to increase the focus on the rest of Sheldon's family, following their life in Texas after he leaves for California is an intriguing enough premise that could sustain it for a couple of more years.

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