Adorable couple goals! The Most Beloved Law & Order Couples from All the Franchises

Law & Order is known for its thrilling criminal cases, but it also features compelling love stories. Beloved couples include Olivia Benson and Ed Tucker, whose different retirement plans led them to part ways. Elliot Stabler and his late wife Kathy had a significant love story, with Kathy's murder driving Stabler's return. Olivia Benson had a brief encounter with Brian Cassidy but decided against pursuing a serious relationship due to work complications. Fin and Phoebe overcame trust issues and remain happily together. Amanda Rollins and Sonny Carisi started as partners and developed a slow-burn romance, eventually getting married and expecting a baby. While not officially dating, the complex history and chemistry between Benson and Stabler captivate fans, leaving them hopeful for a deeper connection in the future. These love stories provide depth and resonate with Law & Order viewers.

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