Why Did Alex Cabot Leave Law & Order: SVU?

Stephanie March's character, ADA Alex Cabot, is indeed a memorable part of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). Cabot appeared in 97 episodes of SVU and left the show in Season 5, Episode 4 ("Loss"). In that episode, she had to fake her death and enter Witness Protection after receiving a death threat while attempting to convict a gang member and rapist named Rafael Zapata Gaviria. Cabot returned to SVU as the ADA for Seasons 10 and 11 before leaving again to join the International Criminal Court, where she worked to assist survivors on a global scale. Cabot's departure from SVU was initially due to Stephanie March wanting to explore other opportunities after feeling that she had said everything she could say as the character. However, she later reprised her role in Season 10 and made guest appearances in subsequent seasons. In her latest appearance in Season 19, Cabot was retired as an attorney but focused on helping abused women and survivors escape their dangerous situations by orchestrating their disappearances and providing new identities.

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