Signs That Your Cat Has Fleas


Sometimes it can happen for our cats to make fleas. Fleas are parasites that cause itching and can carry diseases. Sometimes it may be hard to tell if your cat has fleas as they are fast moving and just a few millimeters long. So how do we know if a cat has fleas?

There are a few signs that can tell us if our cats might have fleas. You may notice that your cat is restless and doing more scratching or chewing on certain areas of her body. When cats have fleas they might groom themselves excessively, they can, be more agitated then usual and their energy might be at a lower level.

If you notice some of these signs and if you suspect your cat has fleas you should check on her.


First you should take a white towel and put it under your cat. Check if fleas or flea dirt fall off your cat. Fleas dirt looks like tiny black dots. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the fleas on your cat especially if your cat is black or she has a long fur. Is much easier to spot the flea dirt. When a cat has fleas you can also see on her skin red, irritated lesions or scabs. Also all the excessive scratching, chewing, and grooming can lead to hair loss.

If your cat has fleas, make her a flea treatment, choose a product specifically for cats as some of the dog products contain ingredients that can be harmful to cats. Also check with your veterinarian for help choosing a product that meets your cat’s needs. Don’t let your cat with fleas as fleas can transmit some diseases that can put your cats life in danger.


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