Taylor Swift Finally Speaks out about Selena Gomez's Pregnancy News alongside Benny Blanco


Taylor Swift has finally spoken out about the recent news of her close friend Selena Gomez's pregnancy with Benny Blanco. The pop sensation had remained silent until now, but she has broken her silence to address the matter.

Fans were eagerly awaiting a response from Swift, as she and Gomez have been friends for several years and have always supported one another. Swift has often shown her love and admiration for Gomez through their public displays of friendship, and this situation was no exception.

The news of Gomez's pregnancy with Blanco had taken the internet by storm, with fans and media outlets speculating about the details.


Many were curious to know Swift's thoughts on the matter, especially since she had not publicly commented on it until now.

In her statement, Swift expressed her excitement and joy for Gomez and Blanco, congratulating them on their impending parenthood. She emphasized that Gomez is not just an incredible performer, but also an amazing person, and she believes that she will make an exceptional mother.

Swift also praised Blanco, acknowledging his talent and his ability to bring happiness into Gomez's life. She believes that they make a perfect couple and that they will create a loving and supportive environment for their child.


Furthermore, Swift assured fans that she will be there for Gomez every step of the way, offering her support and friendship during this new chapter in Gomez's life. She emphasized the importance of having a strong support system during pregnancy, and she plans to be a constant presence for her dear friend.

Swift's statement concluded with a heartfelt message to Gomez and Blanco, expressing her love and dedication to their friendship. She encouraged them to enjoy this special time and assured them that they have her unwavering support.

This statement from Taylor Swift marks the end of her silence about Selena Gomez's pregnancy with Benny Blanco.


Fans across the globe are relieved to finally hear her thoughts on the matter and are overjoyed by her positive and supportive response.

Swift's words serve as a shining example of the bond between true friends and the importance of celebrating each other's milestones. As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of Gomez and Blanco's child, it is evident that they have a loving and united group of friends, led by Taylor Swift herself, to share in their joy.


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