Shemar Moore Considering Reprise on Criminal Minds: A Welcome Comeback Possibility


In a recent interview, Shemar Moore, the actor known for his role as Derek Morgan on the hit TV show "Criminal Minds," expressed his openness to returning to the show. Moore left the show in 2016 after 11 seasons, but he mentioned that he still has a passion for the character and the series.

Moore revealed that he has had conversations with the producers of "Criminal Minds" about the possibility of coming back. He stated that it all depends on the quality of the storyline and the direction the show is heading in. He wants to ensure that his return would be meaningful and add value to the show.

During his time on "Criminal Minds," Moore's character, Derek Morgan, was a fan favorite. Morgan was an FBI agent and a crucial member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. His exit from the show was met with mixed reactions from fans, as many were sad to see him go.


Moore acknowledged that returning to a show after leaving can be challenging, as it requires finding a balance between honoring the character's legacy and bringing something new to the table. However, he is willing to take on the challenge if the circumstances are right.

While there is no official confirmation of Moore's return, fans of the show will be thrilled to know that he is open to the idea. The prospect of seeing Derek Morgan back in action alongside his former colleagues is undoubtedly exciting for loyal viewers.


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